"Marieke visited us at home and took pictures of my young son in the house and the neighbourhood. It didn't feel like

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"On fathersday we went to the beach to take pictures with our family. Marieke has captured the spirit of that day very

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"Marieke's pictures are like little stories, which is ideal if you want to create an atmosphere with images. She is a nice

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Dutch cheese


    I have a special site for my streetphotography. This is where I discovered my talent and love for...

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"We got married on the 26th of May 2016, a beautiful sunny day. Marieke took pictures in her special composed...

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About Me

              About Marieke Pictures I have always been interested in people. From a young age on I was curious about the people around me. I paid close attention to their every movement. At a later age I literally studied them, studying Social Educational Care Work and Cultural Anthropology. Recently I discovered the joy I feel capturing people with my camera. There is nothing better than...

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