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About Marieke Pictures I have always been interested in people. From a young age on I was curious about the people around me. I paid close attention to their every movement. At a later age I literally studied them, studying Social Educational Care Work and Cultural Anthropology. Recently I discovered the joy I feel capturing people with my camera. There is nothing better than seeing the essence of a person or situation in the picture I just shot.

I don’t like to use a lot of technology to come to the right photos. I use my camera and the light that is available to paint the picture. I watch carefully and see genuine moments that I photograph. I think that successful outcomes are the result of strong relationships. I’m interested in your views and expectations. That way I can make the shoot the experience you were waiting for. I’m located in Amsterdam, but I’m willing to travel. In my portfolio¬†you will find the areas I focus on, but I’m open to explore something new. So, whatever your photographic needs, feel free to contact me. I look forward to take pictures of your life and everything in it!

Kind regards,

Marieke van der Oordt